Tenda Nova MW6

If you are searching for a cost-efficient wifi system, then Tenda nova MW6 will be an excellent pick for you. It looks encouraging: it has a moderate value, it is good looking, it has a significant number of the highlights and other features. It tends to be easily controlled from anywhere on the web; it is one of the best wifi systems available in the market. The company admits that this wifi system can cover homes up to 6,000sq.ft in size. The wifi system has a white cubic design that looks quite attractive; you can easily place this system in your home without any problem. Tenda nova MW6 is not as fast as other expensive wifi systems, but it is the best wifi system at this price. This wifi system costs around £175/US$199, which is quite affordable. So if you want a wifi system at this price, Tenda nova MW6 will be a great option.


One of the best things about Tendas products is that they make easy to install products that can be easily installed at home, You can also download the Tenda wifi app.

1. First, you have to install the Tenda wifi app. (It is available for both android and iPhones)

2. Then you have to scan QR code the app will automatically connect your device to the internet.

3. The app will also display all the connected devices and you can monitor each and everything about your Wifi.

4. There are parental control options also that will help you to schedule the internet for your kids and their devices.

5. So in this way, you can set up the Tenda nova MW6 wifi system.


The speed of the Nova's double band wifi is not so good when contrasted with excellent quality tri-band work frameworks, for example, the Netgear Orbi RBK30, however, that is not cheap. What's more, According to our tests, this wifi system is best for those people who want a wi-fi system for streaming music, videos, browse the web. If you are in the same room, you will get a speed of 420mb/s. The actual test was for my work station in an office there we get weak signals to such an extent that we typically depend on wired associations, but to solve this problem you can use a wifi extender.


The principle selling purposes of this wifi system is the low cost and its simplicity of set up. If you have large devices network with you and looking for a wifi system, then this will be an excellent pick for you and the best thing about this system is its low price. Without any doubt, Tenda Nova MW6 is one of the best and most affordable wifi systems, it is beneficial in large homes; however, the Tenda Nova MW6 wifi work can be used in little workplaces. Rather than buying various switches, purchasing a wifi work will guarantee that you can screen all gadgets that are associated with the system. At last, it is an incredible wifi network with a moderate sticker price.

Key Features

(a) Very easy to set-up and you can control the whole Wifi system through your mobile phone.

(b) You get an option of parental control.

(c) Compatible with other voice commands devices also like Alexa.

(d) Comes with affordable price.

How to setup Tenda Router

Here is a whole information for setting up the Tenda router. If you have a low budget for buying a wifi network, then you can access this wifi network if you can spend a few bucks more you can find a better option than this. In my opinion, it is the best wifi system at this price if you have any doubts please comment I will clear your doubt as soon as possible.