How to upgrade tenda firmware to latest firmware

Firmware is that preinstalled computer code on the router that every brand has their own. As each router manufacturer has its own version of this software system, it controls all the inner workings of the device. Firmware of the router not only controls the operating system but also protects the router from external threats and viruses. Firmware also assign different control to different users using the router. As firmware software allows administration controls to manage router settings.

Why to update Tenda router?
  • You may have noticed in your mobile phones that after some time your phone displays message to update your phone. The same thing happens with your router firmware. To get the best performance of your device you need to keep your firmware updated. To enhance the speed and range of the router always update your firmware time to time.
  • Another crucial advantage of keeping your router code up up to now is the security protection it provides. we tend to hear regarding new threats to our on-line security virtually each week. progressively, these threats ar specifically targeting home Wi-Fi networks. for instance, did you recognize that if your router is poorly secured it is seized remotely by a hacker? What’s worse, hackers will then use it.If your code is out of date, your router may well be hijacked during this method and there’s an honest probability you wouldn’t even comprehend it.
  • How do I update my router firmware?
  • As you come know that updating your firmware is important. Now, the next question that arises is that how to update your router? If you bought a “Managed Wi-Fi” service from your web Service supplier, then the solution is straightforward. On the other hand, if you’ve purchased your own router, there are several steps involved in updating your firmware. First you need to consult the router’s user manual and find out how to log in to your router’s administration panel from your computer. Once you’re logged in, there is sometimes an option to download and install the latest firmware. If your router doesn’t provide this option, you need to verify which version of the firmware you currently have and then search the Internet to find out where to download the latest version. Once you’ve downloaded it, you need to follow the detailed instructions that explain how to get the new firmware from your computer to your router.
  • How to setup Tenda Router

    Here is a whole information for setting up the Tenda router. If still you need help then visit Tenda official Website.