Tenda AC21 / AC2100 Router for Ultimate speed on fiber

Tenda wireless router AC21 is a dual band gigabit router specially designed for people who need high speed wifi. It accelerate the speed of Wifi to 2033Mbps (2.4 GHz: 300Mbps, 5GHz: 1733Mbps) with the use of 802.11AC WAP2 technology and this also helps to provide best wifi performance for your internet. This device is operated by 4X4 MU-MIMO technology of 5GHz band, it enhance WiFi performance and WiFi speed than normal routers with 4X4 MU-MIMO technology. It has inbuilt high speed gigabit ports, that boost the speed upto 1000Mbps bandwidth. The 28nm 1GHz CPU furnished with a 500MHz co-processor, gives fast processing speed and gives optimized performance. It has 6X6dbi antennas that provides high bandwidth signals through walls.

Tenda router AC21 / AC2100 with high edge WiFi Speed

AC21 is a dual band gigabit WiFi router, received with 802.11 ac wap2 technology and accelerates the speed up to 2033 Mbps to get more benefits from your optic fiber internet.

Inbuilt 4X4 MU-MIMO technology for 5GHz dual band

Tenda AC21 equipped with 4X4 MU-MIMO technology of 5GHz dual band, it gives more extensive WiFi coverage and fast WiFi speed than ordinary routers with 3X3 MU-MIMO 2nd technology.

Built-in amplifier to boost signals

Worked in signal enhancer utilized both on 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual bands of tenda wireless router AC21 to improve the entrance ability and grow the WiFi inclusion. With 6X6dBi external antennas and four data surges of 5Ghz band, the tenda router AC21 can give streamlined WiFi inclusion and better 5GHz WiFi signal.

Tenda A2100 provide speed Up to 1000Mbps

Outfitted with all gigabit ports, it supports up to 1000Mbps data transfer capacity.

Dual core processor provide smooth operation

The 28nm 1GHz CPU furnished with 500MHz co-processor, dual core processor provides h?igh speed internet and gives upgraded technology. Configured with IPv6 terminology, it can decrease the data transmission rate without any lag, giving a superior gaming experience.

How to Configure the Tenda wifi AC21 / AC2100 router ? Connect your tenda router

Step 1: Import your PPPoE default username and password from your main router.

  • 1. Turn on your pc and new tenda router.
  • 2. Connect the wireless area network port of the first router to a local area network (port 1, 2) of the new tenda router using an Ethernet link.
  • 3. At the point when the WAN and LAN lights of the new router turn ON for 3 seconds in the wake of squinting quickly, the PPPoE username and password is imported to your new router itself.
  • 4. Then remove the first main router.
  • Step 2: Connect your new tenda router to the modem.

  • 1. Turn on the new wireless router.
  • 2. Connect the WAN port of the new WiFi router to the LAN port of your modem or the Ethernet by an ethernet cable. The WAN lights will be on.
  • Step 3: Set up the new wireless router for internet access

  • 1. Start a web browser on a computer/laptop that is connected with the router, and click on the address bar visit tendawifi.com or router ip address (default ip address).
  • 2. Click on Quick setup Wizard.
  • 3. The Tenda WiFi router identifies your internet service provider type to set required parameters and click next.
  • 4. Alter your Tenda WiFi default username , WiFi password and the login password varying, and click next.
  • IV. Now access the internet

  • Tenda WiFi - enabled devices: Connect your wireless device to the Tenda WiFi router by using the default username and password.
  • How to setup Tenda Router

    Here is a whole information for setting up the Tenda router.