Tenda N301 Router for Uninterrupted Wifi Experience

The N301 smart router is designed to help you quickly set up wired or wireless networks. Wireless internet connection at home It conforms to IEEE802.11n, and wireless speed up to 300Mbps is the ultimate Internet surfing experience requirement. The web interface is user-friendly and allows you to. It is easy to configure the router. An Ethernet cable is used to connect to your router Cable. Follow the steps below:

Step 1 Connect the internet port using one of the methods shown below. Depending on your preference, your internet connection means. Step 2 Connect the router to a power source using the power adapter. Step 3 Use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer with port 1 or 2 of the router. Once the router is connected, log in to the router web UI from your computer to configure. An internet connection

Set up an Internet Connection

Step 1 Open a web browser. Type tendawifi.com in the address bar and hit Enter. Step 2 The router will detect your type of connection. Step 3 Using the detected result, set up related settings.

PPPoE is used to establish an Internet connection

Step 1: Select PPPoE and then enter your username and password for PPPoE that you have been given by your internet. Service provider Step 2 Create a WiFi password and name, then click OK.

Establishing an Internet Connection using a Dynamic IP Address

Step 1: Select Dynamic IP. Step 2 Create a WiFi password and name, then click OK.

Position your router so that it can provide stable WiFi signals over a larger area. These are the next:

Step 1 Select static IP. Enter your static IP address and subnet mask. Your internet service provider may offer alternative DNS. Step 2 Create a WiFi password and name, then click OK.

Hassle-free configuration

Place it in the middle of your house on a high spot. It should be kept close to all wireless devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Place it in a location with good ventilation. Fold its antennas 45deg. It should not be in! An enclosure, such as a shoe cabinet, wire distribution box or metal box. It should be kept away from electric devices such as microwave ovens and ceiling fans. It should be kept away from metal surfaces like aluminium nails or metal doors. It should be kept away from any other substances that could affect your wireless signals, such as Glass, mirrors, fish tanks.

How to setup Tenda Router

Here is a whole information for setting up the Tenda router.