Tenda router login setps

Command Over Your Wireless Router Would Enable You Change Settings and Configure the Router, So it's Important to Know the Tenda Login details. If you have complete knowledge of it will help you to manage settings. Just like other routers tenda router also have an admin panel, and in this article, you will get a complete knowledge of Tenda Router Login.

Tenda wireless router is a beneficial device that will help you to connect the internet to your device. Nowadays, wifi is present in almost every places like schools, offices, homes, and many more places. You need to know the default login to perform any task such as passwords, network settings, etc.

Login Requirments

Presently to Login any Small or big Router You should Know Few Details, for example, Default Ip Address (Gateway) and Username and Password. Additionally, You Need to ensure the gadgets You are Trying to Use for Tenda Login is associated with the Tenda Router paying little mind to Wireless/Wired Connection.

How to Login ?

1. It is best if you connect the router with wireless networks, but if you are unable to combine it with a wireless network, you can use a cable to join it.

2. When your router is connected, you have to open any browser and type your Ip address, for example, In case if you don't know your Ip address, You can have a look at the bottom of your router there you will get label which contains all the information.NOTE: Make sure to look at the bottom of your router before searching. After entering the IP address, you can move onto the third step.

3. In the third step, you have to enter your IP address in the address bar. After that, you will see a new login page, and you will have to enter some necessary details, and you're done Login to your Tenda router.

Secure Your Router?

After logging in, you have to go to WALN settings and then click on Basic settings; then, you have click on "Enable wireless." If you want that someone else cannot use your wifi you can change name and password according to you after doing these settings you can click on apply changes option. Once you're one with user settings, click on security settings option and switch on security mode and then select the network type to WPA2-PSK and then choose a strong password for you. Make sure to remember your password let me give you a piece of advice you can write your password somewhere else also after setting your password you can click on save option.

Lock Tenda Router Admin Dashboard

If you want to secure your router and want that it should not be used by anonymous persons than you need to lock your dashboard To lock your admin dashboard you have to follow these steps:

(A) First, click on the wireless option provided in the menu bar.

(B) You will see an option of "System Tools" from here you can change your admin dashboard username and password.

(C) When you will click on it you will get a box of username and password.

(D) Then you have to select on change option and choose a new username and password.

(E) When you’re done, You will see the box is displaying old username and password first you have to enter your old username and password and then fill the new username and password. When you’re done with filling a new username and password click on confirm option.

(F) Please make sure that you don’t use the same username and password which you used to login to the previous dashboard.

(G) Hurray, your admin dashboard password is changed.

How to setup Tenda Router

Here is a whole information for setting up the Tenda router. If you loved this article share it with your close ones and if you have any queries let me know in the comment box.