Features of Tenda N300 router

Tenda N300 wifi router is specially designed keeping in mind the internet requirements of home users. Speed of 300 mbps helps to do activities like email, chat, streaming videos, online gaming and more with an ease. This also works as client router which helps to eliminate the dead points from the network.

Wireless + speed 300Mbps -Stable wireless signal

Based on IEEE 802.11n technology, Tenda N300 wifi router shows great ability to reduce data loss over long distances and through obstacles in small offices or large apartments, even steel and concrete constructions. Above all, you can easily select a wireless network over long. Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) automatically avoids channel conflicts using the clear channel selection feature and fully realizes the advantages of channel binding, which enhances wireless performance.

Security settings at the push of a button

Tenda N300 router is compatible with Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), this implies fast security setting that allows users to instantly set their security settings by simply pressing a button. The device will automatically establish a WPA2 secure connection, which is more secure than WEP encryption. Not only is this faster than normal security setups but more convenient in the manner that you don't need to remember a password.

WPA / WPA2 encryption - Advanced security

As per the security concern of WI-FI connection, WEP encryption is no longer the stronger and safe for the protection from outside intrusions. Tenda N300 wifi router provides WPA / WPA2 encryptions promoting interpretabilities and security for WLAN, which could effectively and efficiently protect the wireless network.

Attached CD for efficient operation

Tenda N300 wifi routers comes with the attached CD to help users complete the wireless network setup, including security configuration and wireless connection, which is very convenient for users.

How to setup Tenda Router

Here is a whole information for setting up the Tenda router.