What would be the future of wifi networking with 6g ?

All of us want a high-speed Internet connection, but have you ever thought about 6g? If not, then you are in the right place. 6g networks will be able to provide you much more frequencies than 5g, let me tell you about some features of 6g you will get the blazing speed with low power requirements and high bandwidth. This is one of the biggest spectrums since 1989. For 20 years it is one of the most significant decisions, the marketing leader of wifi alliance explains that devices would be supporting 6g networks by the end of 2020 and its implementation is not far away.

What will 6G be like ?

Now the question may put up in mind What will 6g look like? Well, there is some debate related to this topic, and I don't know whether to consider this or not. A significant level answer is that 6G will investigate and incorporate applicable advancements that were forgotten about from 5G. It is expected that the 6g network will have different frequencies and measures. And I am going to clear one thing. Nobody Knows How the 6G Standard Will Look Like '' this is only an assumption. 6g networks should have arrangements in open security and basic resource insurance such as:
  1. Air quality measures
  2. Health monitoring
  3. And much more.
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Difference between 5g and 6g

Firstly let me explain to you about 5g,6g, and their features.

5G Wireless

Almost every one of us knows that the term 5g refers to fifth-generation wireless technology. 5g technology is made for higher data speeds and for next-generation user experience. 5g network is used in many places such as remote healthcare, digital logistics, etc.

Some features of 5g

  1. Supports speed of 1Gbps or higher
  2. The peak data rate of approx 1 to 10Gbps

6g wireless

6g refers to sixth-generation wireless technology and 6g is already a very popular topic There's a developing measure of 6G data out there, and quite a bit of it is worked around only a couple of reports and studies; let me clear you one thing to you 6g technology will be quite similar to 5g.

Some features of 6g

  1. Wireless tactile network
  2. Advanced signal processing.

What WiFi 6g and 5G will Transform?

Well in speed both 5g and 6g are trying to improve. They could control associated gadgets like guides to offer other types of assistance to customers. The profit of the innovation might bring down expenses on the two systems and the devices themselves, empowering even independent companies to exploit these new advances.

6G Applications and Technology

A significant number of the cell gadgets associated these days are machines (IoT) as opposed to individuals, with the ascent of Smart Homes, Smart Building and Smart Cities, so 5G and 6G will automate and independent automaton conveyance and transport frameworks. People will get more prominent worldwide inclusion, higher limits, and consistently on availability for new and future internet providers and applications and that 6G will be relied upon to convey these.

Well, this article is all about 5 and 6g and I hope that you have understood all the necessary things about 5g and 6g. So If you liked the article, share it with your friends too and if you have any queries, let me know in the comment box.

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