5 Ways to Boost Your Wireless Network Signal

5 Ways to Boost Your Wireless Network Signal

When you need to get online, a weak wireless router signal can make things difficult. If you work online or simply need to create a presentation within a given time, you need to find a way to boost your signal. You can use a simple device like a repeater to extend the signal, but you can take a few steps that let you boost your signal without spending a dime. Some ways let you use a few items you already have in your house to extend signal.

The first way to boost your signal is to move the router close to where you have your computer. If you have a laptop, tablet, or PC you can move the computing device closer to the router. If you have windows, you can put the router next to a window, but this works only if you have a cellular modem serving as your router. A simple solution that helps the person boost the signal.

A simple trick a person can use to boost his signal is to make a makeshift antenna out of aluminum foil. Wrap the metal around the antenna, but make sure it touches the metal part of the antenna. The makeshift antenna extension does fall off easily.You thought this was good?

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